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Nancy Lessner

Nancy Lessner Nutritionist in Scotch PlainsNancy Lessner graduated from College of St. Elizabeth with a Masters Degree in Nutrition as well as Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. She has worked for the past 22 years as a Nutritionist in private practice counseling clients on nutritional issues surrounding multiple health concerns. Works one on one with clients and in partnership with their physicians to assess their condition and monitor their progress regarding their weight, improved blood work results, and overall well being. Developed a methodology around behavior modification techniques incorporating food awareness, education, and diet, providing tools to help clients address all aspects of their relationship with food. Also work with families and children on creating a healthy lifestyle and eating environment. Have extensive experience and success providing medical nutritional therapy to improve medical conditions including: Diabetes management, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, Renal disease, Gastrointestinal disorders and Obesity and Eating Disorders.

Sports Nutritionist

I've created sports specific nutrition programs to enhance athletic performance through nutritional therapy. I educate clients individually on how key nutritional components can improve their performance in their respective sport. Consultation includes a personal food plan for how, what, when, and why to eat specific foods during training and competition. I have developed sports specific seminars for high school and college sports as well as created corresponding curriculum to distribute to participants.

Weight Management Specialist

I work with clients to understand the psychology behind their weight management issues. I create a comprehensive, individualized, multi-pronged approach to assist clients in losing weight and attaining success.The goal is to find the optimal weight for each individual that corresponds with his or her particular body type and health profile. At Nutrition for Health we provide an ongoing relationship and support for clients to help them maintain their optimum weight.

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