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Childhood Obesity


Now is the time to begin.
Overweight children and teens often become overweight adults. Sadly today, due to poor diet. large portions, eating out and a sedentary lifestyle, children and teens are beginning to show signs of adult diseases. Help your child achieve a healthy weight. Our programs help your child to feel better about themselves. They learn to be more active, have more outside interests and eat in a way that is pleasurable yet healthy. We also help parents how to be good role models and offer support. Taking these steps can also help to reduce tensions in the family. The key to success is Childhood Obesity in Fanwoodto set up appropriate and attainable limits and goals for their children and teens.

To have a clearer understanding of our child's weight and our own family patterns, it's time to be specific about how to make some gradual changes. Remember parents are the role models - our kids do what we do and eat what we bring into the house - so helping them to change means beginning with changing ourselves.

Weight change is takes a lot of soccer games and passing up extra portions of dessert. If your child or teen is not able to lose 1\2 to 1 lb. a week, there could be too much food and snacks - too little exercise or both. For many it is only necessary to hold and not gain weight while their children grow into their current weight.

Make healthful eating a goal for the entire family, not just one person.

Healthy Foods in Scotch PlainsEncourage kids to make better choices. Talk to them about better foods and snacks - perhaps crunchy vegetables, fruits, salads and for snacks, lite ice cream and frozen yogurt, popcorn, pretzels and many lite foods that are in the market but remember - even if foods are healthy, low carb or low fat - quantity is a major food issue.

The first step is to identify - and then sit down together and problem solve. Think about which food issue is the most pressing - and attempt just one change. Habits are difficult to change at any age. - be patient.- be determined. After all, food is a very important part of our society and our family.


Overweight Children in Scotch PlainsPhysical activity is a critical part of any successful weight control program. Spend quality time with your family, make exercise a part of your daily family activities.




Overweight Children 07076Specializing in SHAPEDOWN, the nation's leading weight management program for children and adolescents.

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