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How You Can Take Care of Diabetes

Understanding of an individual's tastes, culture, and values are keys to success in our patient education programs. Some new clients wonder, can success be achieved? Consider these questions for yourself.

Question: Do I have fear, denial, or uncertainty? Do I really understand what is needed with foods?

Answer: It can be all or more. Trying for small steps can often be all that is needed!

Question: Do I give up on myself and accept the fact that I am diabetic and continue with the same patterns as in the past?

Answer: We do know that most people want to make reasonable changes - but are at a loss on what and how to begin.

Control Blood Sugar Levels in Scotch Plains

Question: Can people really be motivated to help themselves?

Answer: Yes, with guidance and support and our staff of professionals we will be able to work together with strategies to cope and design a personalized food plan for you, working towards lifestyle changes.

According to the American Diabetic Association, one of the main areas of treatment needs to be weight loss and modification of eating patterns and habits. Our population-adults and children, according to medical journals, are not just heavier but severely obese.

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Studies continue to show that even a 5% loss in weight can often affect and reduce blood sugar levels.

We offer Medical Nutrition Therapy for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Family members or friends are encouraged to attend visits for additional support.

We have a staff of professional dietitians and welcome the opportunity to work with you!

We are part of many major insurance plans and approved specialists.

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