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So, What is Normal - Body Image & Teens

Adolescence naturally brings growth and body changes. Mixed messages from society, peers and family can leave teens feeling unsure about themselves and the way they look. By identifying and using critical-thinking skills about the messages given by media, advertising, and others, teens will be more able to understand and value that a healthy body can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Chew on This - Nutrition & Teens

Most teens want to be healthy. But factors like time, peer pressure, and desire for a familiar good taste, can reduce nutrition in the decision-making mix. To help kids chose healthy most of the time, nothing compares to practice. With guidelines and personal goals, give teens practice in trying new healthy foods along with problem-solving for real life.

Get It Going - Physical Activity & Teens

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Physical activity is simply a body in motion. Help teens use self-analysis, creative thinking, and personal plans to find their "Most Likely to Succeed" kinds of activity. Fine-tune the meaning of success by talking about health goals, abilities, interests, time commitments and support realities. Remind teens that healthy activities can happen with or without a uniform or special gear, with a team or alone, with or without a coach, just for fun or for an award.

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