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Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards better health! Nutrition For Health, Located in Scotch Plains, NJ, is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Nancy Lessner, M.P.A., M.S., the owner, is a Medical Nutritionist who has worked for many years with Barbara Potashkin and Associates, leading clients to improved health through dietary changes.

Good nutrition starts with balance and sustainability. Diet, exercise and a realistic nutrition plan are essential elements in achieving your goals and our expert staff will guide you along every step of the way. Our services include individualized advice on diet, exercise, vitamins and nutritional supplements as well as lifestyle improvements in order to help you maintain and promote optimal health.

With an emphasis on wellness, our practice works closely with physicians and provides comprehensive counseling and consulting to those in need of dietary management for a variety of medical conditions. Our personalized programs are unlike those offered anywhere else. These unique programs are not quick fixes, or temporary solutions, but lifestyle changes that work.

We hope that you will find this website to be a useful and interesting resource for all of your nutrition concerns. If you would like more information about any of the services that we offer and to request an appointment, please call our office at the number listed above. Our mission is to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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  • Medical Diets
  • Weight Control Programs
  • Diabetes Treatment and Management
  • Healthy Family Eating
  • Childhood and Teen Obesity
  • Personalized Nutrition Counseling
  • Eating Disorders
  • Smart Carb Eating
  • Energy and Vitality
  • Vegetarian Diets
  • Scotch Plains Dietitians
  • Sports Nutrition


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  • Weight Loss

    Have you been looking for a way to lose weight that actually works for you and your specific needs? Without following the rigid rules of dieting, we will help you achieve a healthy weight and feel better about yourself. Our weight loss programs include assessment of your current eating habits, family history, and a customized eating and nutrition plan. Weight assessment as well as follow-up sessions and weekly check-in times will help monitor your success as we discuss your progress.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Physical training for an endurance or athletic event will only get you half way there. Whether you are a novice athlete or a fitness expert, focusing on what you are putting in your body will undoubtedly improve what you are getting out of it. A one-on-one consultation allows us to determine your exact sport and performance goals so that a meal plan can be properly outlined. Our personalized sports nutrition program includes diet balance, weight loss/gain needs, specific fuel choices, specific nutrient needs, competition eating and recovery nutrition. All this will allow you to have the strength and endurance necessary to excel.

  • Vitality

    It is important to recognize that the quality and quantity of the food we choose to put into our bodies on a daily basis dictates our health. Good nutrition is vital to this good health and vitality. Our nutrition programs include assessment of your current eating habits and family history, a customized eating and nutrition plan, discussion of specific nutrients needed to meet your nutrition goals and meetings to discuss your progress.

  • Diabetes Treatment

    We offer Medical Nutrition Therapy for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Family members or friends are encouraged to attend visits for additional support.
    We have a staff of professional dietitians and welcome the opportunity to work with you!


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